13 August 2014

A group of artists from Dubbo and Lithgow worked together to bring contemporary art to the public spaces and places of their respective cities on in a contemporary art project titled #bringtolightproject. It was a synchronised, 24-hour pop-up showing of digital works across the two cities, utilising a range of spaces including public areas, empty shop fronts, a pub/restaurant entrance and an old pottery.

The artists were Julie Williams (Lithgow), Kim V. Goldsmith (Dubbo), Peter Aland (Dubbo) and Jack Randell (Dubbo).

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Some works were installed for the day, such as Lithgow’s Julie Williams’ video installation at the old Lithgow Pottery, others were even more temporary, like Dubbo’s Kim V. Goldsmith’s 30 second stop motion video shown on a hand-held projector at four locations around and near Dubbo. Peter Aland’s looped video installation made use of an empty shopfront and Jack Randell’s projection of a lit candle in a dark ally at the entrance of a pub/restaurant made for some interesting audience interactions.

Artists encouraged audiences to photograph the work, uploading them to Instagram using the hashtag #bringtolightproject to create a searchable online gallery of works from the day. The gallery can still be seen by searching #bringtolightproject on Instagram.

A Google map plotting the locations, details and times each artwork was showing was also used throughout the project.

Bring to Light Project 2014 Google Map