Peter Aland Dubbo
Peter Aland, Colony, installation, Bring to Light Project 2014

BRING TO LIGHT PROJECTS endeavours to present a minimum of one event each year. Artists involved in the projects to date can be found on the ARTISTS PAGE.


  1. You must be living/working in regional Australia (Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong don’t count).
  2. You must meet the deadlines in this document or you will not be included in the final program of events.
  3. Each artist is responsible for: developing the concept and presenting a proposed work/venue to the coordinator; funding the development, installation and presentation of the work; organising a venue and all administration requirements, including approvals and insurances, of that site; installing and manning the work; providing publicity information (artist bio, work statement, hero image and all web links) by the dates required, and assisting with publicity, including as your local media contact and within your social media networks, as required via digital means (posted, hard copy information will be accepted); providing a report or feedback to the coordinator for follow-up publicity and any reporting requirements e.g. attendance numbers, audience feedback etc.
  4. Artists will not be pursued for information. Reminders will be provided prior to deadlines, however, failure to meet those deadlines will exclude artists from the event.
  5. Images supplied for the purposes of publicity of the event must be professional, high-resolution images (min 240dpi) with information including artist name, title of work, year (if applicable), medium/materials, type of work and location of work (for #BTLP). All images will be credited to the photographer – this must be supplied as well if the artist doesn’t hold the copyright. All images supplied by the artist for publicity purposes may be used online or in hard copy media for the period of the event and following as a record of works in that year’s event. This information will also be included on the #BTLP website.
  6. There is no artist fee for inclusion in the event. All organisational roles are currently voluntary and self-funded. This event does not yet have external funding sources.


For those artists on Facebook, we have a Facebook Group to chat with the interested and participating artists and to communicate information about the event during the planning and lead-up. Regular communications occur via the Facebook Group and email in the 6-8 weeks prior to the event date. All participating artists are required to respond to this correspondence and provide information according to the deadlines provided prior.

artproject dot collaboration (at) gmail dot com