Expression of interest

#bringtolightprojects are currently seeking expressions of interest from artists for this year’s event, date yet to be determined. The event is normally held over several hours or a couple of days on a chosen weekend, usually in September or October.

2018 dates have not yet been set

#bringtolightprojects started in 2014 as a way of putting the contemporary art practices of regionally-based artists in the spotlight – usually within their own communities, where they’re often unknown. It provides artists an opportunity to try something different, to collaborate, to put their art in ordinary places, engaging with the public in the process – all of which are considerations when selecting works for the event.

We are seeking proposals from artists wishing to participate. The exhibition is open to all artists, of any age, working in any contemporary medium, at any stage in their career – living and working in regional NSW, Victoria or Queensland.  Those interested in participating are encouraged to read the exhibition brief, fill out the short proposal form below and submit it before the

Interested? Read the information on the Projects page, copy and paste the information below into an email and submit to our project coordinator by date to be advised.
Exhibition Brief

#BTLP provides regionally-based artists working in multi-media, digital media, installation, projection, filmmaking, sound, performance, hybrid art and art forms not invented yet:

  • to try something different;
  • to collaborate with another artist, or simply do something they haven’t done before;
  • to engage with the public in ordinary places.

Please consider these elements and address them specifically in the work you are proposing. Email the following information to: artproject.collaborate (at) gmail dot com

Artist Details:
Social media links (professional accounts only – not personal accounts):
Artist bio (no longer than 100 words)

Weblink or one attached file of no more than 2MB showing the work or similar:

Artwork Proposal (no longer than 200 words)
Note:  #BTLP is completely unfunded. It is a collaborative event, involving artists and external advisors. Artists are encouraged to view their work critically within the objectives of the event and while there is no curator as such, advice may be sought from and offered by the project coordinator on the suitability of works for the event. Successful EOIs will be deemed to be works that will work within the event framework, with some adjustments possibly required given the public nature of the exhibition – the success of the work as intended by the artist and the safety of the public are paramount.

Successful artists will be expected to develop the concept further and present a proposed work/venue to the coordinator; fund the development, install and present the work; organise a venue and take care of all administration requirements, including approvals and insurances, of that site (evidence this has been done may be required prior to the event); man the work (if required); provide publicity information (artist bio, work statement, hero image and all web links) by the dates required, and assist with publicity (as required), including being your local media contact and promoting within your social media networks, as well as via digital means (hard copy information will not be accepted); provide a report or feedback to the coordinator for follow-up publicity and any reporting requirements e.g. attendance numbers, audience feedback etc.