Bring to Light Projects

We’re currently taking a break while we work on other projects. Don’t hesitate to get in contact though if you’d like to know more about the concept and past projects.

Putting contemporary art in ordinary places

#BRINGTOLIGHTPROJECTS (#BTLP) is not an exhibition and we’re not a festival, but we are an event that can happen at any point in time over one or two days during our chosen dates, in a place or space where people congregate – cafes, bars, post offices, open-air malls, vacant lots, libraries…and even grain silos – the world is indeed our oyster when it comes to location. The works are temporary and may be seen for a few days or a few hours depending on what you’re doing and where you are.

#BTLP provides regionally-based artists working in multi-media, digital media, installation, projection, filmmaking, sound, performance, hybrid art and art forms not invented yet, a chance to try something different; to maybe collaborate with another artist or simply do something they haven’t done before. Audiences happening across these works have been engaged and surprised…a great response for any artist.

It all started in 2014 with #bringtolightproject Рthe hashtag a nod to the use of social media in documenting audience interactions with the works. In 2015, the number of artists and locations grew. After a break for the national regional arts conference, Artlands, held in Dubbo in 2016, we ran again in 2017 with even more artists and an interstate work from Victoria.

#BTLP aims

  1. To provide a platform and opportunity for regionally-based contemporary artists working across a range of mediums to be experimental, work together on an event, and to even collaborate on creating works;
  2. To bring art to the people by taking contemporary art outside the walls of the gallery, presenting it in unexpected places and encouraging interaction with the work;
  3. Take the art-making of regionally-based artists to a global audience through the power of social media using video, photo galleries, hashtags and some powerful marketing magic.

Engage with #BTLP

We’re open to discussions about all possible opportunities that create platforms for artists who choose to live and work in regional Australia to exhibit their work and engage with a wide-ranging audience – including internationally.

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